Lattes with Lovely // vol. 1, week 1

Welcome to the Lattes with Lovely series! I’m so excited to be launching this series with you! I launched this blog two years ago with the intention of it becoming an intimate digital space celebrating all the loveliness in our daily lives. I also wanted to create a space where you come and leave feeling that same high you get after you had the best coffee date with your best friend. The Lattes with Lovely series is exactly that, a virtual coffee date where we talk things that we’re loving this week, what to do this weekend, high, lows, and all the random other things we feel like discussing. 

This series is meant to be light-hearted and as of right now, doesn’t have a lot of structure. I’m thinking maybe publishing this series every other Friday. What do you think, is that too often or just right? We’ll see how it evolves each week 🙂  I’m totally open to your thoughts regarding what you want to talk about in Lattes! 

Cheers to a lovely weekend!

Things I’m loving

Oprah’s Favorite Things 2019 are still live on Amazon! I normally run through this list every year before Christmas but didn’t get the chance to this year. Some affordable things I’m eyeing from Oprah’s picks are:

The 57 Best Books of the Decade has so many books that have been on my list! This year I’m hoping to grow into a much better reader. Some books that I’m eyeing are – one, two, three.

Vogue also curated a list of the most anticipated books for 2020.

You guys are loving this oversized sweater. It’s been the top-selling item on Life with Lovely for weeks! It’s also one of my favorite pieces.

My bedroom is also my office so creating a little world in such a small space has been a bit of a struggle. I’m trying to find a balance between a peaceful space and a creative space.  I recently came across this shop with beautiful prints that match the neutral vibes I’m loving!

I loved this article about 10 Things That Changed How We Travel in the 2010s.

Chapped lips are my biggest winter struggle! Loved this article of How to Avoid Chapped Lips this winter. I bought this lip balm in November and it’s worked really well.

If you’re a fan of dip nails, this article is for you!

Anyone else looking to make some New Year fashion-related resolutions? Get some inspiration for the Vogue Editors. 


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Things to do this weekend

Try a new recipe. Head over to my Pinterest for some lovely winter recipes. I’m thinking of trying these noodles. I also really want to try and make Bao Buns but I am still searching for the perfect recipe. If you have one send it my way 🙂

Make cinnamon rolls in a mini waffle maker. This is seriously the best kitchen appliance! I love sticking anything and everything into this mini waffle maker. It’s the best $9 you’ll spend this weekend.

Design your Life Plan. You’ve officially made it to the first Friday of the decade! Take some time this weekend to design your Life Plan. Michael Hyatt has a great guide – here.

Go bowing or ax throwing. I have no idea why I’ve had bowling and ax-throwing on my mind but I’ve been itching to do both for the past couple weeks.

Netflix binge the second season of YOU. If you haven’t already watched the second season of YOU, grab yourself some popcorn, wine and prepare for quite a thriller. I love discussing Netflix series so definitely let me know your thoughts after you watch this season. I’m about 5 episodes in and totally on edge!

Quote of the week

“This is the beginning, of ANYTHING you want”

On the blog this week

+ January Moodboard

“Whatever is LOVELY…think about these things.”

image via Unsplash