Lattes with Lovely // vol. 1, week 3

Lattes with Lovely // vol. 1, week 3

Hi friends! It’s been a bit since the last Lattes with Lovely! I mentioned last week that I’ve been working on refreshing the blog and restrategizing the content I share. My goal is to make this a place of inspiration for you, refreshes your whole person, houses evergreen content, a space that you look forward to coming to after a long day at work, and that offers you an escape from the norm. I hope this week has been a positive preview of what’s to come on Life with Lovely.

This week on Instagram, I shared two major announcements. The first is that I am launching a monthly newsletter! I’m so excited and hope this will be a more intimate space for us to connect. I’ll also be sending exclusive content and resources via the newsletter, such as presets, ebooks, courses, q&a, etc. The best part is that YOU will be the one voting on what you want me to include in the newsletter. The first newsletter will be in April and will include 5 of my Lightroom presets and the email pitches I send to brands that have led to 4-figure brand partnerships. Be sure to sign-up 🙂

The other big news I shared is that I have begun the process of applying for a Ph.D.! I polled Instagram to see if you would be interested in me sharing my journey through the application process and over 75% of you said yes! I’ll be adding a section to the blog for graduate school and Ph.D. resources in the coming weeks.

Lastly, I hope you all have a lovely weekend & are staying healthy!

Cheers to a lovely weekend!

Coronavirus Resources

+ With so much information out there, be careful with where you’re getting your news. Make sure you’re getting your information from official sources, not the random person sitting in their basement posting to social media. Start with the CDC

+ The Dos and Don’t of Social Distancing, experts weigh in on whether you should cancel dates, gym sessions, and dinner parties

+ 9 Things You Can Do While Hiding Out From Covid-19 Are you going to be working from home?

+ Why Hand Washing Really Could Slow Down An Epidemic

This Week on Life with Lovely

+ Signature Feminine Fragrances For Spring

+ A Refreshing Morning Skincare Routine For Spring

+ A Lovely Guide To Fragrance (The Difference Between Perfume, Cologne and Eau de Toilette)

+ 5 Habits of A Confident Woman 

+ The Beginning of An Era

Things I’m Loving

+ I’ve been reigniting my love for Pinterest lately! I’ve also been finding my way back to Tumblr for creative inspiration.

+ Totally in line with changing the blog around! I love this article Move Over Influencers, Here Come Curators 

+ Antoni Gaudi is my favorite architect and someone who’s life and works have provided me with a tremendous amount of inspiration. I loved this article – A Look At The Complete Works Of Antoni Gaudi. Do you have a favorite? Mine is Sagrada Familia.

+ Social etiquette has always fascinated me. Invisible Etiquette Rules That Southerners Practice Every Day

+ You all know how much I love pearls. How cute is this Airpod case?

+ Dyson announced a cordless straighter and I’m here for it! I’ve had my Chi straightener since 2011 so it’s probably time to part ways

+ Interesting read about being a woman and effortless

+ Have you ever tried dessert hummus? ‘Dessert Hummus’ From Five Different Brands – Thoughts

+ How To Clean Your Make-Up Brushes Like A Pro. Funny but not funny that they had to write not to put your brushes in the oven…smh.  I’ve always washed my brushes with Dawn

+ I started adding to my Spring Shop this week. I got this top in the mail this week and have already worn it 3x!

+ 75% of high achievers have this in common

+ Wedding season is coming up and gifts are always tricky. I found this expert advice on How Much To Spend On A Wedding Gift

+ I know many of us in the Life with Lovely community are freelancers or small business owners, Forbes had a great article of how to land new projects during a market downturn

Quote Of The Week

“Embrace uncertainty. Some of the most beautiful chapters in our lives won’t have a title until much later.” – Bob Goff\

“Whatever is LOVELY…think about these things.”


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