Editor’s Letter Sept. ’20

Editor's Letter Sept. '20

Editor’s Letter Sept. ’20

I know that I’m about 22 days premature on wishing you a happy fall, but I’m just so excited to begin Septemeber and enter a new season! Autumn is my favorite time of the year. During my walk with Aspen this morning, I noticed some golden-colored leaves, and my soul lit up with joy. This time of the year always sends me a reminder of how beautiful change can be – a reminder that holds even more weight this year.

September is a month of renewal and a fresh start to the remainder of the year. This month reminds us to slow down cherish the small things like the small gusts of wind hitting our windows, the warmth of four-toned leaves, the coziness of oversized knits, and the smell of pumpkin-spiced everything. As I thought about my hopes for September, I knew our theme had to be –



“Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.” – F. Scott Fitzgerald



Simplify. Maybe it’s a quarantine state of mind, but this year I have been focusing a lot on simplifying my life and living with intention. Being home most of the year has allowed me to see the beauty in simplicity. This summer, I’ve spent my weekends decluttering unnecessary noise around me. I’ve gone from filling three closets to barely filling half of one. I’m no longer intimidated by the bold “unread” message on the side of my inbox or bothered by spam subscriptions (Unroll Me is my new favorite thing). I’ve also been tidying up my social media pages, who I follow and how often I log on…oh my gosh, what a world of difference it has made in my mood, productivity, and creativity. I have a post of social media wellness coming later this month, so check back soon 🙂 My intention for September is to continue to simplify. A huge goal of mine is to tidy-up my personal and work computers, as well as my phone. The amount of non-sense and screenshots I have saved over the years is crazy.

Paint. I haven’t painted in years! Last month, I dusted off my old brushes, and after I stumbled upon this beautiful easel, I took it as a sign to start painting again. August was a bit crazy with some home renovations, so I didn’t get the chance to paint more than a few practice strokes, but this month I’m hoping to finish at least two pieces. Before I jump to the paints, I’ll be finishing this embroidered piece I started for my mom’s birthday. Isn’t it lovely?

PS. I’ll be posting a lot of clothes to Poshmark this month.



The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. A classic American novel that I’ve never grow tired of reading. I read it every year around the fall. It’s light, glamourous, and a lovely way to unwind in the evening.




Edit: After publishing, I noticed this piece is on major sale and just ordered it for my office. I also found this lovely hair accessory brand, where has this been all my life?!